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Web Design

From a precise analysis of the reference sector and after having identified your specific objectives, our web design project comes to life with the aim of improving your company's presence on the web. The company website must immediately conquer the user thanks to a pleasant and professional look, to keep him as much as possible and guide him through the discovery of the strengths of your business. Building the most effective graphic solution is just the starting point to increase the web usability of your site and achieve greater online success.

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Search Engines

In addition to enhancing the image of your company, your website must be able to defend itself from competitors on the web and overcome it thanks to better performances. First of all, you need to properly index content on search engines to be more visible online. Then, adopting new strategies based on the results obtained (number of visitors, most successful keywords, etc.), which you can monitor on time thanks to Google Analytics statistics. Finally, to improve your online positioning you can always use SEO and SEA techniques.

Warranty and assistance

Our web strategies aim to establish your brand and continue to do so over time. In addition to the development of the company website, we guarantee simplicity and complete autonomy in updating contents. An intuitive interface will allow users to easily enter the management platform, to add and edit text, images, videos. You will have at your disposal at any time our technical assistance and the most advanced network technologies to realize your company ideas.

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Chat Bots

There's nothing better than a Chat Bot to answer your visitors’ questions and help them navigate website on their own. The virtual assistant is now an increasingly popular element in the webpages of companies that want to make available to users a practical, immediate Customer Service, always ready to interact.

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User Experience

The user experience is a fundamental requirement that the web designer cannot overlook. To prevent the user from leaving your site after a few minutes, every element must be taken care of, in order to offer the greatest clarity and agility of navigation within a well-defined structure. Even fast loading times and easy-to-read texts will earn more attention from your visitors.

Mobile Friendly

We design attractive and usable sites from any device, desktop and mobile, thanks to Responsive technology. The organization of pages and content is designed to ensure the reader intuitive paths of consultation, and maximum compatibility with any smartphone, tablet and PC.

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Restyling Existing Website

Have you just redesigned your website but you are not sure how effective it is? We can help you to optimize it and improve the results. Your company’s image is updated but texts would need to be rewritten, as they do not contain the correct keywords for your customers to find you on the web? Do you want to become the answer to your customers' needs? Would you like to increase the loading speed of your website?

Noi possiamo ottimizzare i codici del tuo attuale sito in modo che lavorino meglio e che vengano riconosciuti dai motori di ricerca, per farti scalare le classifiche dei risultati di ricerca ed arrivare nelle prime posizioni che restituisce il web. We can optimize the codes on your current site so that they work better and are recognized by search engines, to make you climb the rankings of search results and get to the top positions. We can give your site an updated and well-kept look, we can include a session dedicated to your company's activities and we can integrate the Portal that leads your customers to the BeOne Collaboration Platform.

All our tools are at your disposal, to optimize and make your ideas functional and effective, always taking into account the impact on the internet .

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New Website Creation

Was your website created a long time ago or don't you even have one? You should focus on what today is the first and true business card of your company.

Having a website allows your company to enhance its Brand Identity, that is, increase the level of awareness of your brand and the services that characterize it. To do this, you need to build a website that takes into account the needs of the user thanks to the UX (User Experience), that can meet the needs of every customer and is easy to navigate, fast loading, with original and attractive images. Your website must clearly describe who you are, always telling the truth, it must be a mirror for your customers through which they understand the goodness of your services, increasing their trust in your work.

We can give you a website that meets the needs of your customers and takes into consideration the algorithm of the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc.. Your new website will be responsive and built according to your purposes and our experience in the field. Together we could propose your business to the world and increase your customer base.

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