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A revolution in the way we communicate, learn, know and live relationships. This is what Social Networks have managed to do in a few years since their entry into the mass media market.
Communicating on Social is simple, but it is not so simple to build strong relationships with users and especially with their customers. To do this, it is necessary to be strongly constant in the study of new, original and effective content.
Mkt Communication's social strategies are mainly focused on copywriting and content creation for the following Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp.


Thanks to a careful communication you will have the opportunity to keep your customers updated, communicating in a simple and direct language, describing all your services and opportunities reserved to them. Thanks to the sponsored campaigns you will have the possibility to geolocalize your communications, making them more effective and dedicated exclusively to the target of your interest. Quickly measuring the progress of your campaigns will allow you to better target your next actions and develop proposals that actually interest your audience.


With optimized LinkedIn you will give your company the image it deserves: professional and cutting-edge service. You will be able to describe your value and relate it to all the optimized LinkedIn profiles of your team that will give truthfulness to your structure and a real image to your work made of real people. With campaigns on Linkedin, thanks to a scheduled communication program, you will be able to increase your company Brand Identity and expand your range of action, always staying in touch with the professionals and potential customers you need.


Nothing strikes us more than an emotion... to make it happen, videos are the key to engage customers and get them into the heart of your company. YouTube is the media to spread and share content that tells the story of your company, but also helps you describe the services and how they are provided. YouTube allows you to tell a story, to describe the difficulties that over the years have made your company a great team of professionals. It will help you to involve new customers and prospects, but also to quickly spread information to collect new leads and increase redemption.


For instant communication, collecting moment by moment all the steps your company is taking and allowing you to "tweet" information and services offered, it is essential to optimize a Twiitter profile. This gives you the opportunity to speak to an international audience with whom you can establish a direct, concise and real-time dialogue. Did you know that Twitter is mostly followed by the American, Brazilian and Japanese audience? Choose to tell your story on Twitter if these, among many others, are your target markets.


Could we survive without it? WhatsApp is par excellence real-time chat communication because it puts people in constant contact and allows you to share images, videos and voice messages with reading confirmation. A potential to be exploited in the workplace: through the Broadcast Lists, for example, you can send messages of all kinds to the operators, starting from a company number to which they can respond individually.

An effective Social Media Marketing

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How to boost your business with Social Networks

You will have the chance to increase the visibility of your company without an excessive investment of time and money.
An active Social Media presence is now a must for every company. This will allow you to get in touch with thousands of potential customers, listen to their needs and build their loyalty. For this reason, the communication established with customers and obtaining as much feedback as possible take an increasingly important role.
Don't beat around the bush! Social networks allow you to study the market and create profiled communications for the target you want to reach. Try to address only those who can really have an interest in what you do.
Listening to online users is crucial in order to understand the brand perception. Try to build a direct relationship with your customers, listen to different opinions and respond in a timely manner to their needs.  

A well-built strategy on social networks guarantees enormous benefits in the face of medium-low investments, if related to those expected for the traditional media. Study your target audience, create targeted campaigns, make sure to be in themind of your costumercreating new values and ideas. Manage relationships with your customers in real time, receive feedback and constantly monitor the progress of your actions.

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