To improve your company’s online and offline positioning, it is crucial to clarify first “who the company is” and “what the company does”, optimizing what your potential customers perceive about the business, but...

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To increase the authority of your company, it is necessary to carry out some targeted actions to describe the qualities and features of your services in the best possible way. Always taking into account who your competitors are and what your specific target audience is.

To achieve this, it is necessary to develop a performing strategy - a real plan of actions - that defines how to describe your products and services and involves all the suitable means and techniques of communication to convey a targeted and precise message.

Consequently, it is necessary to analyze the structure of your company and services at present, to understand how they are seen by the community and select to which audiences we want to direct our offers. And more, it is essential to detect habits and mechanisms that drive potential customers to prefer one product to another. An analysis that enables you to work on your company’s communication and positioning, to increase redemption (percentage of response to an impulse) to accompany your potential customer along the journey to the stages of conversion (purchase of a product or service) and advocacy (spontaneous promotion of your service/product as a satisfied customer).

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The allocation of company resources to the marketing plan is a fundamental point to consider when developing a strategy which purpose is to optimize the entire process and to obtain the best result with the least possible investment.


Marketing Campaigns

The marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools to promote your company. Through a set of messages coordinated and spread on different types of media you have the chance to convey in the best way the characteristics of your product or service.

The advertising campaign starts from an essential premise: the market analysis. Creating messages consistent with your target and coordinated with your communication goals increases the perception and authority of your company brand.

The realization of the marketing campaign is done through simple steps:
  • First meeting, in which we define together the objectives to be achieved, including, for example, the desire to publicize a new service;
  • We organize a brain storming that allows us to understand the elements involved in the description of this service, answering some specific questions: who is it dedicated to? Who is involved? Who else proposes it? How or where is it provided? And much more;
  • The slogan is born, based on a study of keywords and ideas related to the same product, comparing it with the messages of competitors and the related impact on the network;
  • We create an image that encapsulates the essence of what we want to communicate, (for example: the image for a new pizzeria could be a tomato squashed on a delicately squared background...), making a large collection of images that involve above all the feeling linked to this service.
  • We design the Visual contents of the campaign. Once the image has been chosen, we layout it with the slogan and a text that describes and clarifies it.
  • Finally, we decline it in different versions in order to describe all the various facets of the service, highlighting its advantages.
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The marketing campaign will be spread through the media chosen on the basis of the target study to which it refers. In order to involve the largest number of potential customers we can use different communication channels that we could divide into online channels, including Web Sites, Banners, e-Mail Marketing, Advertising Spots, Videos, Social Media activities. Or offline such as ads in newspapers and magazines, catalogues or brochures, billboards, public relations and more.

A good communication strategy, based on a detailed analysis of the people to whom the message is addressed, helps us to choose which media to use to achieve our goal: make sure to communicate to the people who have the decision-making power to choose our service.

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