SEO : the best marketing strategy for your company

Thanks to its effectiveness and low costs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an extremely important marketing strategy for companies to gain more visibility on the internet and be at the top of search results.
Thanks to the SEO, our task is to generate organic traffic to your website, that means to get a useful pool of users who are interested in your company’s services and, most importantly, concrete requests for quotes or information. SEO uses keywords, that are words and phrases researched by users on Google every day, to catch the needs of your potential customers and help them to find your website.

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MkT Communication offers advanced SEO consulting services for website optimization and positioning on search engines, starting with the technical analysis of your project up to the implementation of improvements directly on site. Our SEO consultancy service is aimed at transport and logistics companies, which need guidance on planning the best strategies to improve their online visibility, and it is designed to help them step by step along the entire path in search of solutions for your needs. We will work together, to enable you to analyze your competitors, understand what your website’s strengths and issues are, thus creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

SEO Optimization: What We Do

The analysis of your market and the awareness of your competitors are essential preliminary factors for carrying out an in-depth SEO analysis and optimally positioning your site on search engines.
The keyword research is the set of techniques necessary to identify the best terms for which a site or a specific web page should be optimized. Keywords are those terms and phrases used to find specific products or services through the search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.
It can be divided into two distinct areas: the optimization of a website’s code, structure and images; the optimization of textual content. A good positioning of your website may also depend on other elements, such as Server efficiency, Hosting reliability and speed and Domain age. Our agency is able to take care of all these aspects.
Many people think that having a performing website is enough to get visibility, so neglecting the content. Nothing could be more wrong: writing relevant, flowing and keyword-rich texts is essential if you want to rank well. It is essential that texts are always exhaustive and able to fully satisfy the user's search.
Link Building is a web positioning technique that consists in being able to obtain inbound links from other sites, thereby increasing the user base of visitors. Link building is one of the most used strategies to increase your website's popularity, giving it greater authority in the eyes of search engines.
Search Engine Optimization is an activity that never stops, even on well-positioned web pages. Thanks to the most advanced analytical tools, we measure the performance of the site in the medium and long term, to help you maintaining the advantage gained over competitors and always take advantage of every growth margin.

SEA : Search Engine Advertising

    Search Engine Advertising (SEA) includes a series of paid activities for promoting your website online. This strategy allows you to indirectly acquire qualified traffic from search engines, through an auction system that revolves around keywords, the keywords for which your site is searched online. A good campaign on the search network allows you to show your Ad only to a targeted and well-profiled target, so your budget is totally dedicated to a well-qualified audience. The most powerful tool for online advertising is Google Ads, which establishes a CPC (Cost per Click) for each single keyword, which changes based on multiple factors.
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