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What is Email Marketing?

It is a direct marketing strategy, which allows you to share any type of content via email with your contacts and makes your communication with customers and potential customers more immediate, customizable, effective. Thanks to email marketing, the communication campaigns that promote your company's products and services can more easily reach your audience, arriving directly in the mailbox of all your contact database. An indispensable activity for companies that want to get more profits by using a traditional communication tool to exploit the full potential of their web campaigns.

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Why is it important for your business?

Adopting an Email Marketing strategy does not mean, as you might erroneously think, to send unsolecited online advertisements, spam or junk emails. Although the two practices are often commonly associated, you should not get confused and understand the value that planning a correct business electronic mailing can add to your brand. The programming of periodic emails to the company’s acquired and potential customers, in fact, is useful for building a stable relationship with them, for retaining web users and increasing loyalty to your firm. In addition, the direct involvement of customers through periodic online surveys will allow your management to obtain valuable feedbacks, know your audience's real needs and have a clearer view about how you business is perceived externally.

Database Building

The construction of distribution lists is the first step to carry out Email Marketing activities properly. So, it is necessary to start from a database of qualified contacts, which must be ordered and systematically updated thanks to a valuable Customer Relationship Management software, such as the Nova Systems' BeOne's CRM module. You can now start using your contact database with the right commercial perspective and planning highly profiled marketing communications, designed to meet the needs of your distinct targets.

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Email marketing: what will be sent?

External Newsletters

Do you want to update your customers, month by month, on the company's news by email? The ideal solution is to send periodic newsletters to your external contact database. The latest news on the company's business, products and services, as well as the most beautiful images and stories reporting events or sponsorships will be delivered directly in the mailbox of all subscribers. And implement your Lead Generation process in order to encourage your potential contacts to subscribe spontaneously to your Newsletter.

Company Newsletters

Communication is important, especially among people who work in the same environment. For this reason, any piece of news should be sent promptly to all the company's team of collaborators. Company Newsletters are punctual collections of stories about the corporate life that make it possible for everyone to share your business culture. Our tools allow us to guarantee the sending of all internal communications to the whole team and to carry it out quickly and effectively.

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DEM Campaigns

Commercial communications that are addressed to targeted lists, generated from customers database depending on your specific marketing purposes. DEM (Direct Email Marketing) are customizable messages that may contain particular discounts or offers, or simply present the advantages of a certain product or service. A Call to Action usually invite the user to a direct "push" to request more information, visit a page on youe site, download a brochure, etc..

Transactional Emails

These communications are characterized by a high opening rate because they generally facilitate an agreed-upon transaction between the sender and the recipient, for example: confirmation emails, thank you pages, account creation or password reset emails, purchase receipts. At the same time, this type of message takes advantage of the readers’ attention moment to introduce them to new promotional content about products and services, inviting them to interact again.

E-Mail Marketing Automation

By using the Automation function of our Email Marketing platform, it is also possible to trigger a flow of automatic messages, starting from a certain condition or event, such as a user click. The emails flow allows you, for example, to systematically send follow-ups to users and promote your company's products and offers in a diversified way, based on the behavior and interest of recipients.

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